Minggu, 01 Juni 2008

10 Credit Card Tips

Now I want to give you 10 Credit Card tips for you. Pay attention with this tips because if not you may get really problems with your credit cards.
  1. Choose the lowest APR. It's good for you even it's just one season period promo or something. Please carefully with choosing the lowest APR, you need to find out another version of those credit card and if it's safe and no hidden fee you may continue applying it.
  2. Find out all the hidden cost. I believe almost all the credit cards company has an annual fee and maybe they like to catch the customer with no annual fee by applying credit card to them. So, find out all the hidden cost like annual fee, insurance, penalties, and more.
  3. Never use your credit card for loans. If you need a short or medium terms of loans, I suggested you take a personal loans. It is because you will get a high APR and it's continue until you paid all the credits.
  4. Pay your bills as soon as you can. If you're really needed this loan fast, you may use this credit card but you need to pay the bill as soon as you can.
  5. Pay your credit card bills on time. This is for sure, you need to paid all your bills on time, if not you will get a penalties and it's usually huge :)
  6. Choose a card that covered all your needed at a time. It is just to make you easier to manage your bills, especially if you have several credit cards.
  7. Try to split or reduce the interest rate. Some credit cards company has a policy that customer can split their bills into several terms of payment with low interest rate.
  8. Setup an automatic paid bills for your credit cards. It will make you easier, just in case you forgot to pay the credit cards bill and of course you must have a saving on your bank account.
  9. Get free loan pending credit card bills. It's also credit cards company has a policy to get attract customer you use their credit cards.
  10. Always saving your money. Finally, start to save your money and create a budget for the next 3 month and always manage your expense.

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