Selasa, 03 Juni 2008

Choose the best International Credit Card

For you that often goes to across country, I have some information how to deal with payment that support all over the world. Bringing cash money when you go to other country is not a bad choices and I think it is important when you need to pay something that we can't pay by credit cards.
There two kind of credit card, Mastercard and Visa that already famous in all around the world and accepted by million merchants.
Here's I give you a list when you will go to other country safely and enjoy the trip or vacation :
  1. Always bring cash, just in case to pay some small activities.
  2. Choose credit card with huge limit and lowest APR for foreign exchanges and if you're lucky you get some cash back.
  3. Don't bring all your credit card in one place, just in case if your wallet is gone and always create a pin to all your credit cards.
  4. Better if you have a travel checks in some case you need for an government policy.
Well, I think it is enough right now and have a nice vacation.

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