Rabu, 18 Juni 2008

Prepaid Credit Cards

Many marketing campaigns for prepaid cards are in the under 18 crowd. In fact, all over 16 may be money in a prepaid credit card and then use it as a credit card if you are buying or online. Children over the age of 12 or 13 can often a prepaid card that good, as long as Mom or Dad to sign up for him.

Some lawyers argue to young people is a prepaid credit card offers a good opportunity to give them money management, while critics argue that we just have to show them how tempting a genuine credit cards and put them up for disaster.

As for financial companies, it is difficult to do a lot of money for a prepaid credit card, because they can not demand interest on the unpaid amount. They usually require a registration and then pay taxes, if a deposit is made on the account, but the amount they earn is minimal compared to a conventional credit card.

Prepaid credit cards are beginning to make their mark in the world, however. The companies are branding cards with their logos, and use them as employee incentives, because they are cheaper than the controls or trade incentives, and sometimes a prepaid card that is used instead of a paycheck. The workers paid directly to a pre-paid cards for each pay period, and the employee can then the money as they normally would. (Prepaid credit cards work in the ATM for cash too).

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